Just above the crested fan shaped bira kanzashi maiko of all stages wear a small maezashi. Usually from precious metals, shells and gems, but sometimes small silken tsumami designs as well. They are also worn by geiko and as the main front kanzashi by maiko in casual dress. These aren't governed by rank and let a fashionable maiko really show off her personal style!

A mother of pearl rabbit running through flowers and spring rain

Mother of pearl, faux coral, and faux pearl maezashi.

January plum and nanten. Sometimes mini tsumami kanzashi are worn in place of the precious metal and gemstone maezashi


Oh so chic! The senior maiko wear flat decorative kanzashi called hirauchi in the back of thair ofuku hairstyle instead of the tachibana. These kanzashi like the maezashi above come in many shapes, sizes, and styles!

Porcelain cabochon painted with iris design and gold leaf on a silver mount


As well as the beautiful monthly kanzashi a maiko will wear, there are several kinda of precious and distinctive types of kanzashi that go into completing the maiko's headdress.

Bira Bira

When ever a maiko is dressed in her full dress with complete seasonal kanzashi, she also wears a silver open work fan shaped kanzashi featuring the crest of her okiya, with delicate fluttering bira to the right side front of her elaborate hairstyle.


With red and green beads representing the fruit of the mandarin tree. These ever green kanzashi are worn by maiko to the right of the mage. A good luck symbol in the early years.

Tama Kanzashi

Worn to the left of the mage at all stages of a maiko's career, these pretty ball type kanzashi change only with the seasons. A cool green is worn through the summer months, and vibrant red the rest of the year.


During the first 2 years of a maiko's apprenticeship when she wares the wareshinobu hair style, she also wears a large kanzashi in the center of the mage (bun) called a kanokodome.

A popular style of kanokodome is a butterfly made of gemstone beads. Often seen in coral or turquoise.

A silk and metallic cord kanokodome usually worn for setsubun.


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