September is the beginning of autumn, and brings in the beautiful fall flowers and their rich jewel colors. The most classic kanzashi flower for September is the bellflower. One of the 7 flowers of autumn named in the revered poetry anthology Man'yoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) Most commonly in purples, but also in shades of pink and white the bellflower is a stunning flower that dots the landscape in September. Standing along or mixed with others from the 7 autumn flowers. Less common but still a classic for the month is the delicate bush clover. A popular flower in Japanese poetry, the long stems of white and pink flowers blow dreamily in the autumn winds and were a coveted flower of the aristocracy in bygone days.

September Kanzashi

The most common kanzashi for this month is Chinese bellflower, The Junior Maiko wear beautiful large clusters of tiny bell flowers most often with long vibrant purple falls.

These kanzashi are see with bellflower alone, or mixed in with 2 more of the seven autumn flowers*.

Senior Maiko kanzashi, 3 Chinese bellflowers with patrina for accent.



Senior Maiko often wear large bellflower kanzashi, either as a single or in threes with pink and purple tones. A lovely bold treatment to such a pretty flower

Autumn flowers bellflower, bush clover and patrina make up this pretty kanzashi


* The seven Autumn flowers are: Chinese Bellflower, Bush Clover, Patrina, Chrysanthemum, Japanese Boneset, Kudzu and Fringed Pink

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Chinese Bellflower Bush Clover
Bush Clover Patrinia
Umbrella with water  

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