A single large crane using exquisitly detailed wirework. Geiko Ichimame wore one similar to this in silver, The metalic wrapped wire are stiking against the sakkou hairstyle.

Two tone metallic cranes on a pine background, a popular sakkou design a few years back.


Just before a maiko graduates to become a full fledged geiko she has her hair styled in a special arrangement called "sakkou" (先笄) and with it, it's own unique kanzashi depicting auspicious motifs.

A metallic wire work crane and tortoise representing good luck and longevity on a background of pine.

A treasure ship kanzashi similar to one once worn by maiko Komomo with her sakkou hairstyle. The design is based on the ship said to carry the seven gods of good fortune.

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Crane Mini Crane
Pine Pine needles
Treasure Ship  
Okiya Crest  

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