In October the days grow shorter and grayer, but bright vibrant chrysanthemum keep us happy and brighten the days! In Japan the chrysanthemum is a symbol of autumn, and also of the imperial family. It's thought that the orderly unfurling of the petals represents perfection. The blossoms are prized with the "festival of happiness" to show off the variety and beauty of flower. Great care is taken in cultivating the perfect chrysanthemum including special frames which are used to train the blossoms to their optimum shape and beauty.

The junior maiko wear large bouquets of bright single bloom (daisy like) chrysanthemum. These beautiful kanzashi are most often a sweet mix of subtle pink or white with red. This is the most popular design to be worn by 1st year maiko too with the ditinctive swingining shidare or falls hanging from them.

Spider chrysanthemum one of the most eye catching maiko kanzashi! This senior Maiko kanzashi is relatively rare compared to other styles, but one of the prettiest.


October Kanzashi

Senior Maiko's wear elaborate large pompon chrysanthemum flowers, the most popular colors are yellow, pink and white, but you'll see lilac make an appearance as well!

This is one of my all time favorite maiko kanzashi

A tad anachronistic but stunning rose kanzashi seemed fairly popular among maiko of the Taisho period, (you see them pop up in old postcards). Some of the ones I've seen have been with chrysanthemum kimono and one was a pair of maiko, one with a rose kanzashi the other chrysanthemum. That along with a post about roses on one of my favorite Kyoto blogs in October made me decide to include it here. You don't really see them worn any more but just had to make one! Maybe Maiko rose kanzashi will see a comeback some day.


Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Pompon Chrysanthemum  
Single Chrysanthemum (daisy like)  
Spider Chrysanthemum


There's still more to add so check back later!

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