November sees the leave change their colors for a final beautiful show of fiery reds and oranges before the winter, just as cherry blossom viewing is a big part of Spring, so too is watching the turning leaves in Fall. For November autumn leaves are the most typical kanzashi motif. Sometimes as falling leaves in decorated falls, or as clusters and singles. The various tints of Autumn are seen on all kanzashi throughout this month. Though Japan has many trees, for the maiko kanzashi the Japanese maple with it's rich brilliant reds, and the sacred ginkgo are the most common shapes, just like the magnificent trees of Kyoto's temple gardens. The vibrance of these trees are illuminated at night for a fiery spectacle, a highlight of the autumn season.

Large clusters of tiny maple leaves in the many shades of Autumn are popular with junior Maiko. They are especially beautiful when accompanied with the long dangling shidare like leaves tumbling from the tree to the ground


Large maple leaves either as a single leaf or a cluster of three (miwa style) are popular for Senior Maiko

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Maple Leaves pine cones
Gingko Leaves pine needles

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