06-25.13: Another double today! 2 different takes on the June willow kanzashi added to the maiko kanzashi calender.

06-16.13: 2 kanzashi added to the June page today! Large clematis and umbrellas.

05-21.13: Something a little different in the maiko kanzashi calender this week, a lily of the valley kanzashi new up for May!

05-14.13: New kanzashi added to the maiko silver kanzashi page page today. Tama kanzashi, tachibana kanzashi, and my first hirauchi kanzashi.

05-13.13: May wisteria, this time in pink! Wisteria and golden trellis kanzashi added to the maiko calender for May today.

05-07.13: Kicking off this month with some classics before driving off into the unusual.! A dazzling bouquet of irises added to the maiko kanzashi calender for May today.

04-24.13: Just sneaking in before the end of the month, one new rare miyako ordori kanzashi and full miyako odori kanzashi set added to April in the geisha kanzashi calendar.

04-24.13: 3 more maiko kanzashi added to the silver gallery over in the geisha section today!

04-16.13: Flight of the butterflies! Tsumami butterfly kanzashi added to the Maiko calendar for April

04-08.13: Large maiko cherry blossom kanzashi added to April!

04-02.13: Kicking off April with a full set of junior maiko cherry blossom kanzashi in the geisha kanzashi calender! Also new bigger photos of the older April kanzashi updates.

03-26.13: A rare and unusual kanzashi for March, a silk and silver butterfly is added to the maiko kanzashi calender today!

03-20.13: Classic narcissus kanzashi added to March of the maiko kanzashi calender.

03-17.13: A new section added to the geisha kanzashi galleries, this time featuring silver kanzashi. 3 kanzashi were uploaded to this new page today, a silver maiko crested fan kanzashi and 2 different maezashi.

03-11-13: Classic March field mustard kanzashi added to maiko calender today!

03-03-13: Hina Matsuri kanzashi added to March!

02-26-13: Last February kanzashi for the year added to the maiko calendar. Just wait till you see what we have in store for March!

02-22-13: New gallery in Kanzashi-Ya featuring favorite sold out kanzashi from the newly re-opened shop!

02-19-13: More maiko February kanzashi. This week is a the large plum blossom kanzashi, one of the most classic designs and one of the most lovely!

02-14-13: Happy valentines day! Another version of the large camellia kanzashi added to the maiko kanzashi calender for Februray today

02-11-13: One of the big festivals in japan this time of year is Setsubun, and with it some very unique and interesting maiko kanzashi! A 3pc kusudama set and pinwheel kanzashi added to the February maiko gallery.

02-09-13: So many updates coming to the February maiko gallery this month! The latest one is a chirimen camellia kanzashi just added today!

02-04-13: Something not using silk this week, a set of geiko style faux tortoise shell kanzashi in the current Maiko gallery

01-31-13: The first page added to wearing kanzashi! A small set of fashion plates showing 2 sizes of kanzashi in a retro 1920-s/30's hairstyle Perfect for Taisho era fashion lovers!

01-28-13: This years January kanzashi design added to the maiko gallery.

12-30-12: Splendid golden crane kanzashi added to the sakkou page in the maiko gallery. One of my favorite kanzashi of the year!

12-11-12: More sakkou kanzashi added to the maiko gallery! Two tone metallic cranes

12-03-12: A new gallery is now up in the maiko section of Sakkou kanzashi! Auspicious kanzashi for a maiko's graduation to a full fledged geiko (geisha). Check out the first sakkou design to hit the site!

11-06-12: Fall colors with a new maiko kanzashi added to the November gallery!

10-24-12: More Chrysanthemum action in the maiko October gallery with a junior maiko's bouquet style kanzashi of tiny daisy like chrysanthemums added

10-12-12: Taisho rose kanzashi under October in the Maiko gallery!

10-01-12: Exciting iridescent spider chrysanthemum kanzashi added to the Maiko October gallery!

09-26-12: 2 more senior maiko style bellflower kanzashi added to the maiko September gallery.

09-17-12: New easier navigation of the maiko galleries, plus new September kanzashi added to them too! You can now click on the newer kanzashi photos to see the kanzashi bigger and up close. Hope you like the new updates and changes.

09-11-12: November's first maiko kanzashi added! Senior maiko maple leaves. Plus! Free Barrette and kinchaku purse give away in the shop!.

\08-27-12: Fireworks kanzashi added to the maiko August page

08-14-12: New kanzashi added to the maiko gallery for August and July

07-19-12: The first kanzashi shop update in 6 years added to the Vivcore shop! All designs on a summer theme.

07-09-12: 4 new kanzashi added to the maiko kanzashi galleries! Peony in March, clematis in June, and silver Gion matsuri kanzashi and uchiwa kanzashi in July!!!

07-06-12: Kanzashicore get's a new look! New easier to use and link site with a crisp clean look ready for a whole lot of updates! The site has been popular, but a little neglected. I'm back making kanzashi for the maiko calendar etc and devoted to keep this site update and growing again.

03-11-09: Basic tsumami kanzashi tutorial now added!!!

12-08-08: Kanokodome tutorial!

12-03-08: 5 new kanzashi added to the Maiko January gallery! Also new BBS so you can leave a message if you enjoy the site!

03-17-08: Kanzashi Tutorial featured in Shojo Beat magazine

01-08-08: Pop kanzashi section added with 2 new kanzashi!

11-29-07: New plum blossom Maiko kanzashi added for February.

11-12-07: News section added! also new Rococo kanzashi gallery and new maiko kanzashi added for December and January!

There were many updates before the news feed started up