The main kanzashi flowers for March are canola blossoms, narcissus and peach blossoms, sometimes interspersed with tiny butterflies, a hopeful sign for early Spring. In Japan during March and into early April pretty yellow field mustard carpet fields and grassy areas, sometimes offset by pink blossoming trees such as plum and peach blossoms. This bright medley of yellows, greens, and pinks is often picked out in the 2 tone pink and yellow canola kanzashi which is the most classic and iconic march kanzashi flower.

daffodil kanzashi

The typical kanzashi flower in march for senior maiko is the narcissus. As singles or in bunches, in yellows and mixed yellows and white. (Interesting side note! Single yellow kanzashi similar to this have sometimes also been seen in February as daffodils, but that seems very rare).

A lovely and unusual March kanzashi design is the Hina Matsuri (girls day festival) kanzashi. Featuring tiny representations of the Heian emperor and empress dolls displayed during the festival, surrounded with orange and peach blossoms.

peach Blossom

A less common kanzashi flower growing more popular every year is peach blossom. In subtle pink or clean white silks with often bright pink fluffy centers. I love this playful kanzashi!


The most classic kanzashi flower for junior maiko in March is the yellow field mustard (aka rape blossom, or canola), often interspersed with pink. These tiny flowers are cultivated for their oil, and when I was a little girl this time every year we would see fields of pure gold patched along the landscape. (I chose to try a set of short shidare falls like one I saw recently on a 2nd year maiko)

Peony kanzashi seems to have been a very popular design for maiko in the past, but maybe slightly less common these days. The big multi layered flowers in bright colors make this kanzashi a real beauty!

Super rare in March, but certainly striking is the large tsumami and silver butterfly. Seen on maiko Mamesaku and Mamefusa. It seems to be a pretty unique junior maiko kanzashi. I loved this kanzashi because it reminds me of designs you might see from the Taisho era.

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Canola Blossom Silver Butterflies
Narcissus Silk Butterflies
Peach Blossom  
Large Silver and Silk Butterfly
Hina Matsuri

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