When it comes to retro, the seemingly timeless world of Japan's geisha take the prize. One foot in the modern world, the other firmly in the past.

If you look through photos, vintage and modern, you can san see subtle changes and trends come and go in their style, but at the same time they stay a kind of time capsule of old Japan's artistry, style and beauty.

It's not really surprising then, that these women are some of the strongest supporters, and wearers of the tsumami kanzashi masters work, and with such strong traditions tying both the geisha and kanzashi together, one of the most interesting places to look when studying art.

When I first started making tsumami kanzashi I loved pouring over the different styles, meanings and seasons of the geisha's kanzashi. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know! Now, what started out as a mission to make and collect e a couple dozen pins, has mushroomed into a massive project and big part of my study and practice in trying to improve and learn more as a kanzashi maker.

This gallery holds my collection and some of my research into geisha style kanzashi starting with the seasonal styles of the Kyoto maiko. Building up info, photos and one of the most comprehensive kanzashi calenders on the web!

Kanzashi Calender
A Maiko is an apprentice geisha practicing in Kyoto. These women wear different large and extravagant kanzashi to match each month called kisetsubana. Each month has a collection of motifs the Maiko will wear that coincides with the flowers and events around Kyoto and Japan at that time
Click a month for photos and information on the different kanzashi worn during that time of year!
January Kanzashi February Kanzashi March kanzashi April Kanzashi May kanzashi June Kanzashi
July Kanzashi August kanzashi September Kanzashi October Kanzashi November Kanzashi December kanzashi
Special Kanzashi
September Kanzashi September Kanzashi September Kanzashi

All of these kanzashi were handmade by myself in a project spanning several years. I hope you enjoy browsing them as much as I have enjoyed making them!

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