As well as making kanzashi for my personal collections, I have also sold hundreds of kanzashi over the years to fellow kanzashi lovers all over the world! Starting out with the Gaijin Geisha label in 2002-2006, and picking up again in 2012 under the Vivcore label.

My styles as a designer have changed from the early days, but the passion and constantly updated designs have remained strong. Below are 2 galleries, one a selection of my favorite kanzashi for the early street fashion days of Gaijin Geisha, the other the more vintage driven designs from the Vivcore store. All these kanzashi have been sold and already found their new permanent homes, but there is still a 3rd collection of ever changing designs currently available to buy from the current vivcore kanzashi selection.

Gaijin Geisha Kanzashi
Current kanzashi Selection
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