Sometimes the most difficult looking things, can be the easiest to create! Here's a method to make a Maiko style kanokodome that any one can do!

You'll need:

  1. A large vintage brooch (about 2" across)
  2. Some Vintage jewelry findings and other decorations
  3. E6000 Glue
  4. Stiff straight metal wire the color of the brooch (Hobby Shops are best for this, but florist wire works well too)
  5. Thin Brass or tin sheet (also found in hobby shops)
  6. Red Thread
kanokodome kanzashi   Kanokodome kanzashi 2
Collect together your large brooch and some vintage findings (I'm making a cherry blossoms on water design)   With your E6000 glue arrange and attach your findings onto your brooch base, and leave to dry
Kanokodome pieces   kanokodome back
Bend your wire into shape as above and cut the legs to the size you want. Then, with some old scissors or tin snips cut a small rectangle out of the metal sheet. Fold this in half then bend the sides out flat again. This will create the "hinge" for your pin attachment.   Tie your read thread to the brass, and place the wire pin into the groove you made in your metal sheet. Now with E6000 glue, glue your hinge to the back of your brooch.

Leave to set up overnight and you have your own kanokodome kanzashi!


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