June and the rainy season. The kanzashi flowers for this month are weeping willows and hydrangea. The most classic pairing with the willow kanzashi is the pink (aka dianthus) but you will often see signs of the rain with umbrellas, pools of water, as if the branches were reaching down into a stream. Once the senior maiko's flower, but more and more popular amongst junior maiko as well is the hydrangea. It's distinctive floret clusters in cool tones from white to pinks and blues. I once read that the maiko themselves preferred the hydrangea motif over the willow. I don;t know if that is true, but I have always found both styles beautiful and lush.

Senior maiko wear kanzashi featuring hydrangea. These pins just like the flowers come in many different colors for the summer months!

Large umbrellas hidden in the willows create a romantic scene in the rainy season. Also decorating this kanzashi are vibrant pinks, willow's classic partner for June.

.A flower of many guises, the clematis kanzashi worn in June can appear as a crisp white blossom as in this kanzashi, or in cool pink. blue or purple hues.


The willow kanzashi of June find a variety of motifs in and amongst their branches, like these silver swallows and pools of water.

A large clematis blossom in a soft turquoise hue. A senior maiko motif which is gaining popularity in recent years. You can see them in other gentle colors like purple or pink

Colorful umbrella kanzashi are sometimes seen in June. A less common, but fun design for this rainy month.

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Weeping Willow Pinks
Hydrangea Umbrellas
Clematis Gold Swallows
Pleasure Boat Water
  Dew Drops

There's still more to add so check back later!

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