January and the New Year. For this month the classic kanzashi motif is sho chiku bai, plum, bamboo, and pine, the 3 friends of winter. In reality though this month sees many different designs, a new one every year! Often featuring one or more of the 3 friends, but also auspicious motifs over a ground of winter chrysanthemum or plum blossoms. The kanzashi of this moth have a festive air.

Nanten Plum

The design for 2013 was a playful kanzashi with large plum blossoms and nanten over winter chrysanthemum. The purple flowers were actually red, but I wanted to try a purple background which has been common in previous years.

Adorable kanzashi featuring the Chinese zodiac animal on lucky bamboo are worn by geisha celebrating the new year. Here are 3 featuring the Ox, the Snake and the rabbit. There are 12 animals in all!

mizuhiki pine kanzashi

A mizuhiki Pine kanzashi is worn during the new Years celebrations



The main kanzashi for this month changes each year! The most popular decoration is sho chiku baii an auspicious motif of Pine, Plum blossom and Bamboo. Known as the Three Friends of Winter, or Three Elements of Happiness.

Hagoita Kanzashi

Haogita are a common motif on January kanzashi like the ones amongst the Chinese aster decorating this kanzashi!

Rice Kanzashi

Also a new year tradition, geisha wear a kanzashi featuring an ear of rice with a plum blossom and paper pigeon. Painting the eyes on the pigeon on New years brings good luck!


Yearly Motif
CLassic Motif
Plum blossom and nanten over winter chrysanthemum (2013) Shochikubai
Pine and pine needles over winter chrysanthemum (2012)  
Hagoita and Arrows over winter chrysanthemum (2011)  
Sparrow and bamboo over Winter Chrysanthemum (2010)  
Pine needle and bamboo over winter chrysanthemum (2009)  
Pine and bamboo over winter chrysanthemum (2008)  
Hagoita over Plum Blossom (2007)  

There's still more to add so check back later!

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