As well as silk tsumami kanzashi, tortoise shell kanzashi also play a big part in the wardrobe of the geisha. Each Ochiya have their own collection of antique tortoise shell kanzashi, but these days any modern ones are often made from lucite instead of actual tortoise shell. They are a striking contrast and worn on the most formal occasions.

  The first set of lucite kanzashi in the gallery is a geiko set. This collection of pins and comb is used on the rare occasions a geiko styles her natural hair instead of a wig, such as during the miyako odori and special tea ceremonies. It is also accompanied by a small keistesubana (monthly tsumami kanzashi) along with a silver bira kanzashi, and gemstone maezashi. Similar to the maiko but with a more chic and restrained air. Usually a yellow blond tortoiseshell color to contrast with the black hair of the geiko, I made my set in a translucent black color to contrast with my blond hair.
Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
ShoChikubai (plum, bamboo, pine)  

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