August and the sultry heat of Summer. Kanzashi for this month focus around cool tones of refreshing light blues, pinks and silvers. The most classic motif is the pampas grass kanzashi. Classically in glittering silver for both junior and senior maiko, with junior pampas kanzashi having a light pink backing that reflects in the silver bursts for an added touch of color and whimsy. Morning glory blossoms are another classic flower becoming more and more popular each year. Its trumpet blossoms are a true sign of summer.

morning Glory kanzashi

A popular choice these days are morning glories.Especially with senior Maiko

These kanzashi come in many colors, but light pink and turquoise are the most common, whit purple also popular among the more senior ranks.

These days pampas grass kanzashi are often made with an iridescent fabric reflecting pinks and blue.


pampas grass kanzashi

Both Junior and senior maiko alike wear these spectacular pampas grass kanzashi!

The junior maiko will wear a slightly more ornate version with a pink coating on the back of each "petal" which reflects back brightening up this delicate silver kanzashi.

A relatively rare but lovely August kanzashi motif is fireworks, glittering wire bursts topped with crystals are a glittering representation of the fireworks seen at the Summer festivals during this month.

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Pampas Grass Fans
Morning Glory Pinks
Dragonflies Dragonflies

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