During April the cherry blossom reigns supreme! The national flower of Japan the various cherry blossom trees create a ephemeral pink canopy over the country. Enjoyed throughout various events such as cherry blossom viewing parties, and the grandest geisha dance, the Miyako odori. Studded with or featuring the silver butterflies of spring and special bonbori lanterns to trim the flowers. Sakura, the cherry blossom is the classic April kanzashi flower, and one of the Maiko kanzashi most beloved by kanzashi fans new and old.

One of the most loved maiko kanzashi is April's junior maiko design. A perennial classic of tiny soft pink cherry blossoms with the silver butterflies of spring. in fact perhaps this elaborate sakura kanzashi is the most popular style of all!

A rare but striking junior kanzashi design is a Kaleidoscope of silken butterflies. Sometimes face on, but more often in profile the puffed wings and scroll like bodies create an elegant springtime motif for this April kanzashi.

Weeping cherry blossoms and a way for even senior maiko to enjoy a kanzashi style with falls!

Another Popular motif are butterflies, these are in anticipation of an early summer..

Although these lovely mizuhiki butterflies are normally silver, occasionally you'll see them in bright gold.


A classic design blooming simple and bold is the single cherry blossom of the senior maiko. This slightly unusual double blossoming sakura is a more current take on this April kanzashi classic.

Senior Maiko wear beautiful large cherry blossom pins in this month.

An adorable motif often mixed in with the cherry blossom kanzashi is bonbori, the charming paper lanterns that are hung during cherry blossom season.

A rare kanzashi for April seen so far once on maiko Mameroku. It features a fan used in the prelude scene of the Miyako Odori. The design is of willow and cherry blossom branches.

Miyako Odori

The biggest dance of the year, during the miyako odori the geiko and maiko of the Gion hanamachi perform together. Hundreds of the performers wear their hair in a special shimada style and each year a specially designed kimono is created in turquoise or green with a weeping cherry blossom designs cascading from the shoulders, all worn with a distinctive kanzashi set as the dancers mimic the seasons. Made with a technique closer to the french flower making method there is a large side and bridge kanzashi of cherry blossoms and leaves with silver butterflies and bira throughout, and a magekazari kanzashi which alternates between field mustard, wisteria and a special chrysanthemum in the back all highlighted with rich red and silver cords, tassels and a glittering array of silver bira bira.

Primary Motifs
Additional Decorations
Cherry Blossoms Silver Butterflies
Mizuhiki Butterflies Bonbori
Silk Butterflies  


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