Welcome to Kanzashicore!

One of 3 Vivcore magazine sites, kanzashicore is dedicated to the art of Japanese style hair ornaments, their creation, fashion and style.

Here you'll find an ever growing galley of kanzashi featuring traditional and non traditional styles, tutorials and tips, as well as features and hints on how to wear these pins and combs and really get the most of of your kanzashicore life!

All kanzashi on this site are made from scratch by yours truly as part of my now more than a decade long adventure in kanzashi making, design, and research.

I hope you enjoy looking around this site, and I'll try make sure there's always more to see!

Every month apprentice geisha (Maiko) wear a different seasonal flower kanzashi (kisetsubana)

Current number of Kanzashi featured on this site: 170


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