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Lochturna Ness

I really wanted to do a monster from the British Isles since that's where I'm from, and although not from England, the Loch Ness monster seemed the most famous UK monster I could think of, and thus, daughter of the Loch Ness Monster Lochturna Ness was conceived!

There is a castle (all be it in Ruins) on the loch so I figured I'd make her a well to do pedigreed monster. Sticking with the UK centric theme her outfit was designed after my favorite designer Vivienne Westwood. She's definitely a designer a young monster trendy monster with a rebellious streak would gravitate to. I made sure to incorporate some traditional Scottish elements with the contemporary look to (I hope) really seal in the character!

The doll is a complete repaint and re-root of a Monster High Lagoona doll. The shoes and belt are modded Monster High accessories, but as always everything else is 100% hand made in my little dolly workshop!

I need to think up a few more UK beasties to add to my collection of custom dolls :)



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