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Go Go Ghoulia!

Perhaps not much has changed around Ghoulia's parents home, not much at all since that particular night in 1968, but for a ghoul who likes order perhaps that's not a bad thing?...

One of the styles I always love best in the Ghoulia dolls are the 60's inspired touches, a while back I started doing some customs of the Monster High dolls dressed up as true to their style as possible like the all out lolita Draculaura. This is the all out 60's Ghoulia I made for myself (a version with black gingham pants was auctioned off at the same time). All the clothing and accessories save her glasses are hand made, and the photos show her as a typical 60's teen enjoying her music and comic book (because no matter the decade, Ghoulia has a bigger imagination than the magazines of her peers!) At forst I thought this doll would fit in with the Monster High dance class line, but now I think she's probably more in keeping with the music festival line.

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