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In the 1920's and into the 1930's boudoir, or bed dolls became all the rage! Solid heads and sometimes limbs with soft bodies these dolls were dressed to the nines and adorned the bedrooms of fashionable flappers and deco era ladies all over the world. Some women even carried them around as fashion accessories!

You often see boudoir dolls in the background of old movies, and in photos of film stars during that era.

This little lady named Constance is my first attempt at making my own vintage style boudoir doll. Made entirely from scratch she is a whopping 26" tall (actually quite small for a boudoir doll) all dressed in a robe de style type gown, matching silk and rhinestone bandeaux, even little flapper garters holding up her "stockings"!

I love the style and hope to add all kinds of interesting photos and probably even a few more boudoir dolls to the site in the future!

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