Resident doll lady Vivien Hoffpauir graduated with a B.A hons in fine art from the Birmingham Institute of Art and design in the UK back in 2001 before founding her own clothing and accessories company Vivcore later in 2004.

For centuries dolls have played a big roll in the world of art and fashion, and make a fun and whimsical platform to play out with painting, sculpture, sewing and design in a miniature scale!

This site started out with her 2 handmade ball jointed dolls and has been expanded into also customizing modern and vintage fashion and boudoir dolls

Site Mission

-"Dolly Daydream is a little website dedicated to my doll collection.

The title comes from the name my teachers used to call me as a little girl. I would always start daydreaming when I was supposed to be paying attention, and as such was always told off for being a "Dolly daydream"

Most of my daydreams were about arts, crafts and playing, I thought it would be an appropriate title for a site which is about all those things!

Dolls can be a great outlet for your creativity, no matter what your age. Photography, cutomization, creation and design, this site is about all of these things.

A collection of photographic galleries of my current dolls, and a showcase for my designs. and an info site on how to create an customize your own dolls, for people interested in doll creation and customization and looking for a way to start out.."

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