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Phantom of the Ballet

So if there was one Monster high doll I was most disappointed in, it would have to be swing dance Operetta. First because there was nothing remotely swing about the look, and second because the doll seemed so "unfinished" with wonky hair and lack of details. BUT! as always she had the makings of a beautiful doll!

I loved the head band, the purse had so much promise, and lets face it, if they hadn't tried selling her as a swing dancer that outfit makes a great ballet practice ensemble!

I recently started learning ballet again as an adult, so the idea of kiting her out ballet style was even more appealing.

She's going to class not a performance so I gave her arm warmers, leg warmers and tights (seriously I really miss the hosiery these dolls all used to have) making her ready to warm up, brush on some cobwebs and chassé, plié, jeté, all day (at the Acreepina Vaganova school!)



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